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Lumpy   ///   Hennepin County Millionaires Club   ///   Sonny Knight and the Lakers   ///   PaviElle


Lumpy – The Loudest of the Metaphors

Lump’s House – “Season to Season”

Lump’s House – “What’s the Matter with Love Again?”

Lump’s House – “Fade Away”

Lump’s House – “Invest in the Distillery”

Lump’s House – “I Hate to Leave you Like That”

Lump’s House – “A Santa Fe Waltz”

Lumpy – “The Other Side”

Hennepin County Millionaires Club

Hennepin County Millionaires Club
“Not Ready to Say Goodbye”
live @ Future Condo

Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Sonny Knight & The Lakers
“Juicy Lucy”
live @ The Current

live @ First Avenue

“When You’re Gone”
live @ The Dakota


live @ Icehouse

live @ Icehouse