BRAND NEW LUMPY ALBUM “Burn The Page” is finally out!!

The newest Lumpy album “Burn the Page” is now available on all streaming services. There’s a limited number of cassettes available so jump on those at Ska Punk International

This is the Lumpy album that almost never was. It’s been an extremely dark and heavy year and this past Feb I made the decision to scrap the entire project. I started these songs while working on my previous album, Slough, in 2019. It was 95% done but at the time it was an easy decision. the music came from a place of excitement of a life that no longer existed. Suddenly the songs turned into nothing but pain and sadness and I could no longer relate to them.
After some time to process I decided fuck that. I’m proud of the music and I’m proud of the heart and soul I put into it. It captured this energy that not only no longer exists but an energy which I could never recreate or replicate. Today I feel so far removed from both emotional extremes I felt when writing these songs. As proud of this album as I am, I’m ready to move on from it & never listen to it again. At the very least 🤞 I’m hoping you enjoy the music, but also find it relatable, helpful, and maybe even healing in some weird way.

I am so thankful for all the support I’ve been receiving. I wouldn’t be functioning right now if it weren’t for my amazing family. They’re always there for me and have been a constant source of selflessness, compassion, love, support & generosity. Thank you to my friends Cole Pulice & Rocky Schulze for lending their amazing musical talents to this album. David Mulrennan & Sam Wilbur for helping me brainstorm, plan & execute 3 music videos in 3 weeks. Bob and Molly Beahen & Nate Knutson for always saying yes, being so understanding and always offering their unconditional love and support. thanks to Chris and Ska Punk International for welcoming me to the SPI fam. Thanks for your willingness to support me in this creative endeavor and your ability to believe in what I’m doing here. The support from new friends I’ve met through SPI has been mind-blowing and I’m looking forward to developing these relationships going forward.
Okay, now please stream the album!
…I’ve already started on 3 new ones…

Thank you all!

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