New Lump’s House & Golden Morrison videos

I originally wrote “Not Ready To Say Goodbye” for my band Hennepin County Millionaires Club. It was a high-energy pop/rock song with a 3-piece horn section.
Over the years this specific song has resonated with me on different levels, a handful of times. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a point in my life where this is the case yet again. I have completely reworked the song from the original and it’s now taken on a new life.

written, recorded, produced, and performed by bryan highhill

Here are links to the original version(s) as Hennepin County Millionaires Club played it:
Studio album
Live album

Also, here is a fun video of Hennepin County Millionaires Club playing it live at Future Condo Recording Studios in Minneapolis, MN

Golden Morrison is the name of a new group I am a part of. Back in November, we recorded a 5-song EP at Future Condo Recording Studio in Minneapolis. Our first video and single was just released this past week for the song “Whatever You Need This To Be.”
Check it out!

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