Life, Man

life man album cover

Track Listing
1. outword (introduction)
2. Outword
3. Worn-down Verbal-storms
4. Belong To The World
5. Boundaries
6. The Lake House (interlude)
7. I Hate To Leave You Like That
8. Corlogy (instrumental)
9. Honesty
10. Right Where You Belong
11. Question Everything
12. Walka (instrumental)
13. Light Stole The Day
14. One Thing
15. A Santa Fe Waltz

I recorded Life, Man in my bedroom in Santa Fe, New Mexico between 2010 – 2012.
It was awarded Best Pop Album at the 2012 New Mexico Music Awards.

“Worn-down Verbal Storms” was a finalist for the Best Pop Song category & “Corlogy” was a finalist for the Best Instrumental category – both in the 2011 New Mexico Music awards.

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All songs performed by Bryan Highhill with
Johnny Becker
Backing vocals on Question Everything

Greg Butera
Guitar on Belong To The World, I Hate To Leave You Like That, and One Thing.
Fiddle on Belong To The World, Boundaries, and Light Stole The Day

Roya Clune
Backing vocals on Outword

Matty Harris
Sax, Clarinet, Flute

Chan Holman
Vocals on Outword, Light Stole The Day

Todd Lovato

Jenny Luna
Vocals on Worn-down Verbal-storms, One Thing

Westin McDowell
Vocals, Guitar solo on Worn-down Verbal-storms
Accordion on Honesty

Benito Plaza
Backing vocals on I Hate To Leave You Like That, One Thing

Ross Stephenson

All songs written, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Bryan Highhill