The P. Lacquers collection – now streaming!

20 years ago I started a lil ol ska band called The P. Lacquers with my best high school friends. Today, The P. Lacquers music collection is now available for streaming for the first time ever:

There is some never heard/released music like “The Skapera” and our Aquabats cover for a tribute album that was never completed, as well as the classic albums and more.

1. The Skapera – We recorded this in 2006 and forgot about it. It was never even mixed. I recently found the raw studio sessions and worked tirelessly on finishing this up. Rhythm section was all recorded in one 14 minute take!
2. Awkward Party – This was our second full length album, released in 2006. It has some awesome songs on it and features the breadth of music we created. The mixing process was a bit rushed towards the end, so some of my fav tracks didn’t get their due. Either way, that’s life and this was a fun album!
3. The P. Lacquers Live on Rude Radio Radio K – This is my favorite of all the P. Lacquers recordings. A great place to start! Our live energy was captured perfectly in this performance and this was such an incredibly fun session, even though it did get us banned from the 770am frequency.
4. Adventure Today (Aquabats cover) – In 2004 we were asked to be a part of the “official aquabats tribute album.” I arranged this cover of Adventure Today and we recorded it in 2005. This was the first time Graham (bass) ever played with us! We submitted the track and the album was never put out. I think it was conflicts with their label or something. Anyways, this has never been released before!
5. Welcome to the World of Music – This was our first full-length album which we put out in 2004! We were so innocent and our voices were so high. An instant classic

Check it all out at

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