slough album cover

Track Listing
1. Back To The Earth
2. Stuck In The Void
3. Fade Away
4. Shine A Light
5. Beauty In The Agony
6. The Other Side
7. Burnt Out

Slough is a milestone album in that it was the first set of recordings I made as Lumpy after an unintentional 8 year hiatus. For years prior to making this album I was gigging, touring, recording, and writing songs in a number of bands. Because of this, Lumpy had been put on the back burner since the release of “Life, Man” in 2012.
Because of the pandemic, I finally had the time to put back into working on Lumpy, re-establishing it as my main musical focus.

All songs performed by Bryan Highhill with
Nate Knutson

Rocky Schulze

All songs written, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Bryan Highhill

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